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The unlocked iPhone 5 cannot be purchased tomorrow morning at Apple Stores in Canada

Prior to the 'pre-order' date (Sept. 14th), it was understood that the iPhone 5 could be purchased unlocked in-store. A few days after that date, Apple decided to change this at the last minute.

This is the first thing they said:

"Buy iPhone 5 at your favourite Apple Retail Store from 8:00 am on 21 September. We can help you choose the right tariff and get you up and running."

And a few days after the 14th, they changed it to this:

"Buy iPhone 5 with a contract at your favourite Apple Retail Store beginning at 8:00 a.m. on September 21. We can help you choose the right rate plan and get you up and running. Or visit the Apple Online Store to buy an unlocked, no-contract iPhone 5."

For the past few years, they sold the iPhone unlocked in-store, but all of a sudden, they decided to change. Their reasoning - to prevent scalpers from lining up and buying all the iPhones. Would have been nice of them to tell us prior to the pre-order, thus, allowing us to order it online in-time.

What options does that leave us with? Well, you can order the unlocked version online, and probably wait 3-4 weeks to receive it. Only other option is to sign a contract with one of the carriers and deal with the locked phone.

It's a shame that Apple did it the way they did, but what can we do.

jon | September 20, 2012 | Comments (0)


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