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Why should you choose Backbone.js for your next web application

If you've never used Backbone before, then I can understand your reluctance to change - it's sometimes tough to adopt new technologies, especially if it means changing most of your old code.

The fact is, that Backbone will not only save you a lot of time in the long run, but it'll also make your code easier to work with. This is especially beneficial if you work with others, or have to teach new-comers.

We all know how crazy JavaScript can get - even the most organized and structured programmers have problems taming it. With frameworks, it adds a level of sanity to the equation, giving us that extra level of structure. I say 'frameworks', because there are lots of other ones out there; and by all means, please check them out - they may work better for you.

One of the key benefits of Backbone, is that it works very well with others. We all know how beneficial jQuery is - it' has pretty much defined the way we've used JavaScript over the last few years. They both work perfectly together - use jQuery as the DOM selector/manipulator, and Backbone for the overall structure/control/events management. There you have it.

Should you always use frameworks? I'd say no - if your project is very bare, with minimal JavaScript, then there isn't any point in adding that extra layer of complexity. This is something to consider for larger front-end applications, which could really use the modular separation.

For those that are interested in learning to use Backbone.js, check out these tutorials:

Here are some other Javascript MVC Frameworks to check out:

  1. Backbone.js
  2. Ember.js
  3. Angular.js
  4. SproutCore 1.x
  5. Cappuccino (if you like Objective-C style syntax)

jon | August 01, 2012 | Comments (0)


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